Nina Liang will be the Keynote Speaker at NAAAP’s 2016 Scholarship Brunch

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NAAAP Boston is excited to announce that Quincy City Councilor Nina Liang will be the keynote speaker at our upcoming Scholarship Awards Celebration Brunch.

Nina Liang is the first Chinese-American City Councilor in her hometown of Quincy.  Born in Quincy and raised by immigrant parents, she has experienced first hand the challenges minority children and families face.  Over the years, she has had the opportunity to be a part of community organizations dedicated to addressing the needs of those who are new to both the language and customs of American culture.  Having worked as the office manager and helping to run her family’s restaurant group, Nina also has the experience and perspective of a small business owner, creating jobs and opportunity in the communities in which they operate.  Nina understands that it takes collaborative efforts among these local organizations, businesses and public service facilities to better address the needs of the diverse residents Quincy has.

NAAAP is honored to have an influential and aspiring leader who strongly represents the Asian American community.  The Scholarship Awards will be handed out on May 21st, 2016.